The Light of Loneliness

by The Pugilist

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Our debut EP


released June 25, 2012

Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by Lyle Kelch Jr.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


The Pugilist Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Light of Loneliness
If what I hear is true,
Then we’ll call this one “deliverance”.
The crown has exchanged brows,
Yet I remain so blissfully alone
And unaware
deaf to the sound
Of my own teeth chattering.
In four months time
I’ve learned more about subtlety
Than I have about solidarity.

Between the sadness of loss
And the light of lonliness:
The days of champagne are long gone,
And in their wake came mornings of empty beds
And past loves.

Between the sadness of loss
And the light of lonliness:
I’m cutting ties and setting sail.
But I know this is the place for me.
Track Name: Black Leg
Take your death threats somewhere else, because we all know your tongue is the sharpest blade you own.

If only your dick was as big as your ego, maybe then you wouldn't be as quick to bear your teeth.
Just keep that wifebeater nice and clean, for soon enough you'll be sharing the stage with rednecks and circus freaks.

How's that for fifteen minutes of fame?
Standing before a firing squad of pointing fingers. It's all fake smiles and cheap laughs.

It's always been the same:
Smiles to your face,
Smirks behind your back
Track Name: Venango
You’re in a hospital bed and you still make my life a living hell.
Next time remember to cut yourself as deep as you cut me,
That way I’ll never have to see your face again, more pale than the walls around you. Embedded, etched into my psyche, deep like the lines in your wrist.

I promise I won’t say a word. Tongue tied, and left to die: I can feel myself being eaten away like the pills you swallowed.

But don’t worry dear,
This will all be over soon,
And I know you’ll be quick to stop the presses
And make all the world know:

Your life’s not worth living,
And you’re not worth loving.